The Woman Who Married
A Turkey
Original title: "Kvinnen Som Giftet Seg Med En Kalkun"
A theatrical play by 4MESS in collaboration with Kultursenteret ISAK.
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Meet all the characters and take a look behind the scenes:
Robert & Joa
Meet Robert & Joa
Meet Mamma
Harald & Bestemor
Meet Harald & Bestemor
Meet 4MESS
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Hear the music composed for the play:
Soundtrack by Sandra Meland

Script: Gunilla Boëthius
Director/Dramatization: Eirin Flaten

Assisting dramaturgists: Kristine Gorset, Stian Sandberg

Scenographer: Sindre Sierk Rian, Mari Gjøvik

Lighting design: Mari Gjøvik, Sindre Sierk Rian

Lighting technician: Mari Gjøvik

Music composition: Sandra Meland

Assisting composer: Maiken Opheim

Sound technician: Sandra Meland
Poster and PR: Sandra Meland

"Joa": Kristine Gorset

"Robert Kalkunius": Agnes Solli Tveitane

"Mamma": Maiken Opheim

"Pappa": Mari Gjøvik

"Harald": Stian Sandberg

"Bestemor": Emma Veronica Dahl

© 2020 by Sandra Meland

4MESS. Trondheim, Norway