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4MESS. Trondheim, Norway

The Woman Who Married
A Turkey
Original title: "Kvinnen Som Giftet Seg Med En Kalkun"
A theatrical play by 4MESS in collaboration with Kultursenteret ISAK.

Enter the living room of this bizarre family and enjoy

an animalistic comedy with musical performances. 


Playing in the amphitheater hall

at Kultursenteret ISAK

on Thursday 5/12 at 19:00 & 
Friday 6/12 at 18:00 and 20:00.


There is free entrance, however
tickets can be reserved at hoopla.no
for guaranteed seating in the audience!

Script: Gunilla Boëthius
Director/Dramatization: Eirin Flaten

Assisting dramaturgists: Kristine Gorset, Stian Sandberg

Scenographer: Sindre Sierk Rian, Mari Gjøvik

Lighting design: Mari Gjøvik, Sindre Sierk Rian

Lighting technician: Mari Gjøvik

Music composition: Sandra Meland

Assisting composer: Maiken Opheim

Sound technician: Sandra Meland
Poster and PR: Sandra Meland

"Joa": Kristine Gorset

"Robert Kalkunius": Agnes Solli Tveitane

"Mamma": Maiken Opheim

"Pappa": Rafat Burhan

"Harald": Stian Sandberg

"Bestemor": Emma Veronica Dahl