A commercial tour:
Kultursenteret ISAK 25th anniversary

A commercial tour of Kultursenteret ISAK
on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.

Directing and photography by

Sindre Sierk Rian


Producing and production managing by

Eirin Flaten


Camera, sound and edit by

Sandra Meland


AD and lighting by

Mari Gjøvik

(ThirdSilver 2020)

A short film by ThirdSilver

in collaboration with 4MESS

Click the video link for full list of credits.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall

I am you, you're not there at all

People want, and humanity has

Humanity gives, but people pass"


© ThirdSilver 2020

Foreningen For Oss Som Har Så Sykt Angst 

A video about the excessive use of words like "anxiety",

which we're experiencing present day, and how

we should be more appropriate with the words we use.

Director/Script/Editor Sandra Meland

Cinematographer/Camera Sindre Sierk Rian

Sound Mari Gjøvik

Production assistant Eirin Flaten

"Turid" Sandra Meland

"Venninne 1" Mari Gjøvik

"Venninne 2" Eirin Flaten

"Mannen" Sindre Sierk Rian

"F.F.O.S.H.S.S.A. member 1" Alise Sandvik Karlsen

"F.F.O.S.H.S.S.A. member 2" Ole Bjørn Lien Sundgot

"F.F.O.S.H.S.S.A. member 3" Stian G. Røvik

Thank you to Teaterlosjen.

Sponsored by Flaten Bygg AS