We had so much fun with the workshop today. The excitement and playfulness from the participants was beyond inspiring, and we’re really looking forward till next time. We played around with lots of improvisation exercises, and we’ve found out that we share a passion for physical theater.

In future workshops we’ll focus on character development, relations and of course the story itself. We know the participants have many ideas on this, which makes us really exited.

One month until showtime!

  • Sandra Meland

In todays meeting we have updated our website, Instagram and FaceBook with descriptive information about what 4MESS as a group have planned for the future. Go ahead and take a read! Our email address is 4mess.info@gmail.com so feel free to ask us if something is unclear.

Sindre is also very happy about this, but he is behind the camera.

Most importantly, the workshops we have planned with Kultursenteret ISAK is taking form and we have so many ideas and plans for the upcoming collaboration.

English translation: From April 23rd to June, ISAK theater group will make a performance together with 4MESS! We will focus on character work, development of stories, physical theater techniques and more. We start with stories and ideas the participants has brought with them, but we still have room for more! Send email to asa.thalinsson@trondheim.kommune.no if you also want to join.

The workshops will take place on Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm.

  • Eirin Flaten

Finally we've started shaping our 4MESS website and planning our first workshops in cooperation with the cultural center ISAK. These workshops will mainly focus on devising a short performance of 45 minutes with a group ranging from 16 - 20 years of age and we are so excited! As shown in the picture below.

We plan on posting both interviews, pictures and short clips so follow us for more cool posts!

(Sandra Meland)

(Mari Gjøvik, Eirin Flaten)

(Mari Gjøvik)