• Sandra Meland

Yesterday we had a table read of Kvinnen Som Giftet Seg Med En Kalkun by Gunilla Boethius. The characters are set and we're all very exited to start this journey together. It's going to be a lot of work for both us and the actors.

The play is going to last about 60 minutes. It will also have several musical performances.

Eirin is directing this one and has put an incredible amount of work into the script. Sindre and Mari is brainstorming, planning and experimenting with the props, scenography and lighting design. Sandra is well in the process of composing several of the piece's musical elements.

Keep up with the project under the "Theater" category on our website. The fun begins now.

  • Sandra Meland

Our first video is now online. You can find it on our Facebook, YouTube channel and here on our website.

Director's note: I wrote this script because I'm very much bothered by the excessive use of words like "anxiety" and "depression", and how people throw these words around without knowing the terrible truth behind them. I wanted to turn this frustration of mine into comedy, and the result was very cathartic. I hope you all like it.

- Sandra

As Sindre had his hands busy for the project, these pictures are taken by Eirin.

  • Sandra Meland

Currently working with ensemble excercises while preparing the script.

Working together with such a dedicated group is a privilege. Thank you, guys! We are very exited about the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for updates towards the play in December!