Last year we collaborated with ThirdSilver in making their first short film: Betingelsen (The Condition).

This project has been profoundly educational and the hard work has finally payed off. Here it is! Look under "FILM" in the menu bar and you'll find it right away. Click the video link for the complete list of credits.

Here are some of our favourite screen-grabs from the film:

Director's note: There's a satisfactory amount of extra material from this film, as in behind the scenes footage and bloopers. Make sure to let ThirdSilver and/or 4MESS know if such a video is desirable.

- Sindre & Sandra

  • Sandra Meland

It's 7 days until premiere day! On our Instagram we've begun a mini-countdown-series where you'll get to meet all the characters. Follow us @4_mess on instagram and be introduced to new characters every day for the next week!

  • Sandra Meland

This blog post is long overdue, but we've been so busy with the upcoming play. "The Woman Who Married A Turkey" is playing in the amphitheater hall at Kultursenteret ISAK on thursday 5/12 at 19:00 and on friday 6/12 at 18:00 and 20:00.

More info about the play is now available under "THEATER" in the menu bar. Go take a look! Here are some pictures taken during the latest workshops.

The director, Eirin, with one of the actors, Stian. Stian and Kristine are assisting dramaturgists, which means they've helped Eirin with adaption and dramatization of the script.

Rehearsal of a scene, with Sandra substituting Kristine. Sandra is writing, composing and choreographing several musical pieces for the play. Pictured number two from the left is Maiken. She's assisting Sandra in the musical work as well as performing two of the songs.

Sindre and Mari are effectively at work together in creating the scenography and playing around with the lighting design.

The actors getting feedback from Eirin after a walkthrough of a scene.

Here one of the actors, Agnes, is helping taking some weight off Eirin's shoulders by being a prompter and sharing her own observations to the rest of the actors.

Everyone is so hard at work and we are so proud and exited so far. Make sure to note the dates and times. We hope as many as possible can come. There is free entrance, however tickets can be reserved at for guaranteed seating in the audience.