About us

As a group we intend to explore, exercise and experiment with all sorts of creative entrances

to create performative and visual arts such as theater and film.

We also wish to show the importance of theater in schools and social context.

These are our tecniques:




Mari Gjøvik

25 years old

From Møre og Romsdal, Norway

"I have always been interested in theatre and have been on stage all my life. My passion for theatre came from the entertainment part of it and from there i migrated to acting and performing. My fascination for lights and the technical part of it came later as a student when i was taught how to create different spaces and feelings through lighting. My strengths lie mainly in improvisations and comedic elements as well as technical work."

Eirin Flaten

23 years old

From Oppland, Norway

"My background has mainly grown from music and theatre. This passion about music and theatre as creative platforms for self development and performative art inspired me to pursue the creative studies and develop this group with like minded creators.

My strengths in theatre is my experience with both physical theatre like frantic techniques, psychological realism like method acting and working with devised theatre. These techniques are tools which can be used in numerous ways to develop for example performances, plays, characters and in workshops with people in all ages.

I have found that through creativity and theatre one can improve ones’ selfworth and use these techniques both on stage and in everyday life to conquer different psychological obstacles. This is what i hope we can teach others through our work."

Sandra Meland

25 years old

From Troms, Norway

"I have my background mainly in music, hence much experience in composing both for specific theater productions as well for the sake of my own creative unfolding.

My favorite thing about art is the storytelling, which can be done in so many different ways, both visual, lyrical and through music and sound."

Sindre Sierk Rian

25 years old

From Trøndelag, Norway

"My background in music and stage magic bred a love for performances and storytelling. 

I'm motivated by the creative process in all its variety."

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