About us

As a group we intend to explore, exercise and experiment with all sorts of creative entrances

to create performative and visual arts such as theater and film.

We also wish to show the importance of theater in schools and social context.

These are our tecniques:


The Frantic Technique  


Frantic Assembly is one of UK’s leading contemporary theatre companies. Frantic Assembly create new work that has equal emphasis on movement, design, music and text.

We will be using their exercises to evolve our own physical vocabulary and strengthen our way of devising theatre groups.

These exercises are tools which can produce both characters, story, scenes and evolve other aspects as text into physical form on stage.

It’s an controlled improvisation with emphasis on the physical aspects through their exercises.




Improvisation is simply theatre without a script made in the moment. Improv is all about creating spontanious actions inside predetermined frames. The reason for choosing this technique is to develop an ensemble, it’s entertaining, creativaly explorative and bulids confidence in the participants and the group as a whole. This confidence and group dynamic is essensial for devised theatre. Our technique is mainly inspired by Keith Johnstone. His focus is mainly on the body - not as a means of transporting the head, but that togheter they can create magic when it moves away from it’s outer expectations. From a “I can’t” to a “I can”. By doing so, you step out of that limiting box an into a theatrical freedom with infinite creative possibilities.




We chose to continue working with viewpoints for both practical and creative reasons. They constitute a language which aids in the precise communication of ideas during both the creative and the analytical process. Furthermore, the concept of viewpoints is within the framework of the post-

modern tradition, which is how we like to work.

There are several variations of the concept, and we are mainly working with the one developed by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau.

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